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New phones from Singapore

New phones from Singapore

CommunicAsia is underway in Singapore, and the giants of the cell phone world are slugging it out to make the biggest splash. Samsung introduced three new models, which offer features such as a 3.1-megapixel camera, music and video players, and full Bluetooth. And proving that the battle for the slimmest phone is far from over, Samsung is claiming its new Ultra Edition 6.9 is the world's thinnest candy bar phone, at 0.27 inch, while its Ultra Edition 12.9 is the thinnest flip phone, at 0.38 inch.

Meanwhile, Nokia is making news of its own with five new models. Not quite as feature-rich as the new Samsung models, the Nokia handsets are more targeted toward the midrange user. And not surprisingly, the Finns aren't jumping on the slim-phone bandwagon just yet. All of the new mobiles are fashioned in standard Nokia candy bar form factor. For full coverage, be sure to check out the special package from our friends at CNET Asia.