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New Philips TVs are what women want

This one's for the ladies: Philips reveals their "emotional" female-focused TV line-up at CES.

Philips Design Collection 7000 Series TV

What is Philips' development process when following an Editors' Choice winning product like the Aurea TV? Simple: just ask the ladies what they're into.

Introducing the new Design Collection of plasma and LCD screens, CEO Andrea Ragnetti explained their strategy: women, according to Philips' research, are "more critical consumers who need to see the personal benefits of a product".

Not just that, "they want it to make them feel good," Ragnetti said.

These conclusions have led to a range of televisions that is essentially "once more, with feeling": similar to what we've seen before, but with softer edges.

The new 7000 Series of feelgood flat screens is all about smooth, almost Apple-esque contours and rounded bezels. Whether or not you're into the touchy-feely shtick -- Ragnetti says the company is "taking once-familiar objects and giving them a new sense of intimacy so we can engage with them more fully, more emotionally" -- you can't deny they're pretty sexy.

Ranging from 19 to 52 inches (48 to 132cm), the TVs feature an invisible speaker -- there are no grilles or perforations to clutter up those smooth surfaces. Available with or without Ambilight lighting effects, the models also sport four HDMI 1.3 ports and a reduced response time of 2ms (compared with the 5ms of the previous series). An acrylic edged bezel seals the swanky deal.

Philips Design Collection