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New Paragon gameplay video showcases alpha updates

Gears of War creator's new MOBA is coming along; check out the latest footage here.

As the closed alpha testing period for Epic Games' upcoming MOBA Paragon continues, the developer has now published a new gameplay video that covers some of the changes made since it started.

New updates include:

  • Movement speed changes
  • Added death recap
  • Updated replay system
  • Game balance changes
  • Performance optimizations

You can sign up for a chance to try out Paragon in a future online test by visiting the game's website. A testing period for the PlayStation 4 version will also be held, though no specifics have been announced.

Epic plans for the game to enter paid early access sometime this spring, followed by an open beta this summer.

Paragon is a third-person MOBA, not unlike Smite. But whereas Smite features stylized graphics and a more traditional item-building system, Paragon has a realistic style and uses a card system for upgrading your character throughout the course of a match.