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New owner for motion power tech

M2E Power, which developed technology for human-powered gadget chargers, changes focus to vehicles and sells itself to another energy-harvesting company, according to reports.

M2E Power, a company developing a way to charge batteries through motion, has sold its assets to Motionetics.

Motionetics plans to use the technology behind M2E Power for military applications, Motionetics co-founder Layne Simmons told Vator News. The company's one-page Web site only states: "Motionetics, Inc. designs and builds next generation energy devices."

Still viable technology? Protoypes of batteries that convert kinetic energy--motion--to stored electricity. M2E Power

M2E Power, which received $8 million in venture funding in 2007, had planned to use its energy-harvesting technology, which converts motion into electrical charge, in military and consumer electronics applications.

The company had designed and tested a human-powered charger for cell phones and other tech gadgets. The idea is that the charger could be placed in a purse or backpack and charged by motion.

There are still researchers developing technologies to convert motion into usable energy, but M2E Power had had to restructure. Executives at M2E Power told Earth2Tech last month that it was no longer developing a human-powered charger and was changing its focus to the vehicle market.