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Check out the new Overwatch map unveiled at Gamescom

Get ready to storm the castle in Eichenwalde, the new map for Blizzard's competitive team-based shooter.

Blizzard unveiled a new map for its team-based shooter Overwatch at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany this Tuesday. Eichenwalde, set in Stuttgart, Germany, joins the 12 other international destinations that serve as arenas for players to explode each other over control points and payloads.

Eichenwalde is an Assault and Escort hybrid map, which looks like it will have the attacking team escort a battering ram up to the castle gates before storming the keep. Prepare your best Reinhardt laugh (and your excuses for when you charge the German knight directly off the edge of the map).

Overwatch recently surpassed 15 million players and is currently in the middle of an Olympic-themed event called (a similar, yet legally distinct) Summer Games, where players can unlock national skins and athletic cosmetic items for the roster of characters.