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New Nook to be unveiled May 24

Barnes & Noble has sent out press invites to a special event in New York City on May 24 where a new Nook will be announced.

Barnes & Noble sent out press invites for an event on May 24. Barnes & Noble

Back on May 5, thanks to an SEC filing, word got out that Barnes & Noble was getting ready to unveil a new Nook on May 24.

At the time, the date wasn't set in stone, but now it is: we just received an invite to a Barnes & Noble special event in New York City at the same Barnes & Noble store where the Nook Color was announced.

We don't know yet exactly what the new Nook will look like, but, as we've written in the past, we're betting that it's a compact, lower-priced monochrome e-ink model that's designed to compete with Amazon's Kindle offerings.

A recent Barnes & Noble trademark filing for the phrase "The Simple Touch Reader" hints that the new model will feature a touch-screen interface.

For the full story on what the new Nook may feature, read "New Nook to mimic Sony's e-ink touch screen?"