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New Nokia for Sprint

New Nokia for Sprint

It used to be that Sprint and Nokia weren't the best of friends. While the Finnish cell phone giant continually pumped out mobiles for the GSM carriers, Sprint rarely included Nokias in its lineup. That is slowly changing, however, and Sprint now offers two Nokia models. Joining the Nokia 6016i is the recently announced Nokia 3155i. Unique among most Nokia handsets in that it's a flip phone, the 3155i offers a respectable set of midrange features. There's a speakerphone, dual displays (the internal screen supports 262,000 colors), a speakerphone, text messaging, an FM radio, voice dialing, a Web browser, and analog roaming (CDMA 800/1900; AMPS 800). The Nokia 3155i is now available for free, with service rebates on Sprint's Web site.