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New Nokia 6555 strides onto AT&T

We have a full review of Nokia's stylish new 6555 for AT&T.

Nokia 6555 Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Nokia today announced its new Nokia 6555 for AT&T. It may look like a normal flip phone but the 6555 shows that Nokia is spurning the flip phone craze entirely. Though it's fatter than most trim handsets (it can't compete with the Razr's trend-setting profile), its tall, slender shape gives it a soundly sleek and elegant look. Features are plentiful: there's Bluetooth, a 1.3-maepixel camera, a music/video player, 3G compatibility, a host of community applications and Push-to-Talk (PTT) support. Call quality was more than satisfactory, and the display was brilliant. We missed an FM radio, however, and the battery life and picture quality were disappointing. See our full 6555 review for the whole scoop or check out our 6555 slide show. You can get it for $49 with service.