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New No Man's Sky trailer spotlights the struggle to survive on alien worlds

The elements and lifeforms both present their own dangers.

The fourth in the promised series of videos focusing on different aspects of No Man's Sky is here, with this one highlighting survival.

There are two different sides to this coin, with the first being the harsh conditions of some planets you'll find yourself on. Toxins, heat, cold and radiation all present serious hazards, and if you're not equipped with the proper level of protection, you'll need to seek out shelter one way or another.

The other major concern on planets is the wildlife, which can become hostile. That's when you'll need to either flee or fight, the latter of which was highlighted in an earlier video.

This trailer also provides another extremely brief glimpse at the game's menus, this time showing where you'll upgrade your exosuit. As we saw in a previous video, they continue to strongly resemble the menus in Destiny.

You can check out the other three videos in this series through the links below.

We're now less than two weeks away from the August 9 release of the highly anticipated game on PS4 and PC. There's been some speculation recently that the PC version may not launch until a few days later due to a line on its official website that states it's "coming to PS4 on August 9th in North America and August 10th in Europe, and on PC worldwide on August 12th."

This might simply be a case of poor wording meant to indicate that it will be out on PC worldwide by August 12, but is still coming on August 9 as expected in some regions. Both the Steam and Humble Store pages continue to list it for an August 9 release in the US, suggesting it hasn't been delayed. Developer Hello Games has yet to comment on the situation, but we'll report back when we learn anything more.