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New Netgear Orbi adds cable modem into its mesh system routers

The Orbi Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router System invites DOCSIS 3.0 under its wireless blanket.


There are Wi-Fi routers, and there are mesh Wi-Fi routers, and now Netgear brings a cable modem into the mix. Its Orbi Tri-Band Mesh Wi-Fi Cable Modem Router System incorporates a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem so you can further decrease your network's physical footprint.

Just because it's DOCSIS 3.0 doesn't necessarily mean your cable provider will accept it. Netgear says that its supported by Comcast Xfinity and Spectrum and Cox.

The cable modem specs include 32x8 channel bonding with all 32 supported simultaneously downstream and a theoretical maximum download speed of 1.4Gbps. The router supports a theoretical maximum of 2.2Gbps over Wi-Fi, incorporates MU-MIMO and guest Wi-Fi and has four Ethernet ports. Plus it uses some of Netgear's other speed boosting technologies and setup via a mobile app.

It comes in two models, the router-only CBRK40 for $300 and the CBK40 version, which include one satellite, for $400. These are both variants on the two Orbi systems sitting on our best Wi-Fi systems list.

Updated May 9 with correction on Cox support timing.