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New Netbook and slim 13-inch laptops from MSI

PC maker MSI follows up the Wind with the Wind U123, which offers a TV tuner and optional 3G antenna.

While they're not the first name that comes to mind when thinking of Netbooks, PC maker MSI earned a lot of ink last year for its MSI Wind U100, one of the first 10-inch Netbooks to hit the market.

The follow-up, called the Wind U123, has Intel's latest Atom, the N280, as well as a TV tuner and optional 3G antenna. It'll also come in red and blue, in addition to the standard white and grey versions we saw with the U100.

MSI has also announced two new 13-inch models from the X-Slim line. Both have 1366x768 displays and run Windows Vista Premium, but the $700 X320 uses an Intel Atom Z530, while the more expensive X340 (starting around $1,000), uses Intel's new CULV platform -- basically a much more efficient mobile processor. At 0.7-inches thick and 2.8 pounds, we could see these being a low-cost alternative to slick, thin 13-inchers such as the MacBook Air or Dell Adamo.

Both the new Wind U123 models and the X-Slim Series notebooks will be available in the US this May, and full specs are after the break.