New Morpheus, now with extra BitTorrent

Tech Culture

StreamCast Networks, one of the peer to peer software companies whose future is at stake in next week's scheduled Supreme Court ruling on file-swapping, has released a new version of its Morpheus software.

Like previous versions, the software is run by the company's Neonet technology, a relatively advanced way of locating files on the network. Unlike other versions, StreamCast says it has stripped out any third-party bundled adware. Instead, the company will support itself by banner ads and paid search results, similar to Google's model.

This paid peer-to-peer search model is getting many tips of the hat recently, with a new company called Gnutelligence also trying to inject sponsored results into file-swapping searches. As the Kazaa-allied Altnet has shown, this can be a tough business, however.

Boasting a brand-new interface, the Morpheus 5.0 client is also keeping the ability to search for BitTorrent files, a capability added earlier this year.

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