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New mobile editions of Galaga and Super Pac-Man exclusively on Sprint

New mobile editions of Galaga and Super Pac-Man exclusively on Sprint

Namco Mobile has announced mobile versions of two arcade classics: a 25th-anniversary edition of Galaga, as well as Super Pac-Man, an amped-up successor to the classic Pac-Man chomper. The two games will be exclusive to Sprint subscribers.

The special edition of Galaga includes a surprise option that lets you start the game in the highly desired Dual Fighter mode. That's right--there's no need to wait until you can rescue a captured ship, because you can play with two shooters right from the very beginning. There is a catch to this, however; for à la arcade games of old, you have to pay 25 cents using Motricity's micropayment system via Sprint's new Game Lobby. Otherwise, you'll start off with one ship, just like in the original Galaga, and get to Dual Fighter mode the old-fashioned way.

As for Super Pac-Man, the game comes with two modes: the original arcade mode, plus an enhanced mode that builds on the action with special powers, such as the ability to freeze ghosts, create a distracting clone, stun ghosts senseless, and teleport. Namco also announced a Super Pac-Man sweepstakes from June 1 to July 31, and this will give anyone who downloads a Namco Mobile game a chance to win a Super Pac-Man customized Volkswagen Beetle.

I'll have more information about Sprint's Game Lobby when I meet with the reps at a press event later today.