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New Microsoft ad attacks the power of Mac

Microsoft has launched a second advert attacking Apple, this time on computing power. But can we trust Giampaolo more than we could Lauren?

A second advert in Microsoft's new Apple-baiting campaign has been unleashed. This time it's "technically savvy" Giampaolo who's sent to the shops with the promise that if he finds the laptop he wants, Microsoft will pay for it. He's after a decently specced $1,500 (£1,000) laptop.

After a quick look at the "so sexy" Macs, Giampaolo plumps for a Hewlett Packard HDX with 4GB of memory and a 2.4GHz processor. He decides against a Mac, because to him, "Mac's are all about aesthetics." Once again, there's nary a mention of the product Microsoft makes.

We admit it's astute of Microsoft to recognise the importance of hardware in the purchasing process, but if we were HP we might have something to say about Microsoft advertising its software by pointing out that our hardware is cheaper and uglier than a cooler competitor. Clearly HP must have been involved in the process, but it seems arrogant of Microsoft to peddle its wares with such a disregard for its hardware partners: "Can't afford a Mac? Buy HP. It's the same but not as nice."

The usual Mac vs PC backlash kicked in mere moments after the earlier ad premiered, with the revelation that Lauren is an actress and the whole thing's staged. Honestly, if you can't believe a commercial what can you believe?