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New Macbooks incoming with retina display and Ivy Bridge

High-res icons and benchmark results suggest new MacBook Pros with retina displays and Intel Ivy Bridge chips could be coming this summer.

High-resolution app icons for Apple's MacBook Pro point to a retina display on upcoming models, and leaked benchmark results suggest that they'll be packing the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processors.

Apple pushed out some updates to its OS X Lion operating system last week that include icons for various apps that are double the resolution currently required, BGR reports. That can only mean one thing -- ultra-high resolution retina displays on the refreshed MacBook Pros, which are due for a launch sometime this summer.

Many people -- myself included -- have been hoping for a retina display on a MacBook for quite some time. That would let us edit super-detailed snaps from cameras like the Nikon D800 in beautiful clarity. The awesome resolution on the new iPad is undoubtedly its crowning glory and I'm excited about the possibility of that quality being brought to the MacBook Pro screen.

It's not just the display that's getting a boost though. Results posted on the Geekbench website -- the benchmarking tool used to test a computer's processing power -- indicate that someone has been testing new MacBook Pros with the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processors inside. The post references a "MacBook Pro 9,1", the existing 13-inch model being called "8,1", suggesting this is the new 13-inch version being used.

The listing also points to the new Intel Core i7-3820QM -- a high-end quad-core chip. This seems strange given that Apple usually reserves the 13-inch models for dual-core chip options with quad-core processors appearing in the 15 and 17-inch machines.

I'm not totally convinced that we're going to be seeing this chip in action on the new models. Intel hasn't launched its dual-core Ivy Bridge options yet, but I'm expecting at least a new dual-core 13-inch model to be available, perhaps alongside a more powerful quad-core version.

Exactly what form these new models will take is unknown. Previous leaks have suggested that the Pros will be slimmed down, becoming more similar in size to the MacBook Airs, albeit with bigger displays.

The new models are expected to be announced this summer, so we might not have long to wait to see exactly what Apple has up its sleeve. For all the latest info, make sure to keep it CNET UK and don't forget to let me know your thoughts in the comments below or over on our Facebook page.