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New MacBook Pro laptops expected from Apple this Thursday

Speculation is intensifying that Apple will debut a new range of MacBook Pros this Thursday, following the US Apple Store's change to only ship the devices in 3-5 days.

Thinking of buying a MacBook Pro? You should maybe wait a few days. Speculation is intensifying that Apple is planning to refresh its laptop range this Thursday, possibly including new connectivity technology from Intel called Light Peak.

The rumours have been fuelled by the fact that if you try to buy a MacBook Pro on Apple's US online store, the shipping date is three to five business days rather than the usual 24 hours. 9 to 5 Mac points out that it's a clever move by Apple with an aim of "cutting off the newbs who don't read the rumour sites".

We've just checked the UK Apple Store, and most of the models on there are still listed as shipping within 24 hours. We'll be keeping an eye on the product page to see if this changes today though.

AppleInsider is reporting that several of Apple's European resellers have been told to expect sealed-pallet shipments of new product as early as today, warning them the pallets must not be tampered with ahead of an official announcement. The same report suggests these resellers ran out of existing MacBook Pro stock earlier this month, and are waiting for a new supply.

Last week, Intel also contributed to the rumours of new MacBook Pros with a new advert for its second-generation Core processors, which appeared to show a new slimline MacBook Pro design.

Actual gossip on likely new features is rather thinner on the ground, but Intel is fingered here too. reports that Apple is set to make use of Intel's Light Peak connectivity tech in forthcoming products -- possibly including this week's new MacBook Pros. The big selling point: wired connectivity speeds of 10Gbps in both directions, leaving even USB 3.0 for dust.