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New MacBook Air tipped to be packing a backlit keyboard

Apple's new MacBook Air could pack a backlit keyboard, reports suggest. The MacBook Air used to feature the glowing keyboard tech, but it was mysteriously omitted from the more recent models...

Let there be light! Specifically, let there be light in unlit bedrooms and darkened aeroplanes, because the next editions of Apple's MacBook Air laptops could sport glowing backlit keyboards.

The news comes via AppleInsider, which says it has spoken with "people familiar with the matter". Apple's MacBook Pro already packs glowing keys, with the luminescence controlled via two buttons along the top of the keyboard.

Indeed, Apple's so-thin-you-could-frisbee-it-over-the-moon MacBook Air laptops did used to have backlit keyboards built in, but this feature was mysteriously omitted from the 11-inch and 13-inch models that launched in November last year.

We're not sure why Apple decided to eliminate the backlight -- as anyone with a MacBook Pro will testify, the ability to illuminate the keyboard in dim light is incredibly handy, and makes your laptop look like a cool sci-fi prop to boot.

Despite a boring, non-light up keyboard, we were big fans of the last MacBook Air, and the new models are set to be even more exciting. We're expecting these new versions to launch within the next few weeks, with OS X Lion ready to go, as well as souped-up Sandy Bridge processors, a Thunderbolt port and possibly some speedy flash storage.

All that tech will make the Air much more tempting than a regular netbook, and could even go some way to justifying the undoubtedly ludicrous price. 

Keep it CNET UK for all the latest, in the meantime, let us know in the comments or on the Facebook page what you think of the MacBook Air.