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New Lenovo unit to focus on tablets, smart TV

The PC and LePhone maker starts up a business group to focus on the high-profile area of smartphones and tablets, along with technology for the digital home.

Lenovo's IdeaPad U1 Hybrid.
Lenovo's IdeaPad U1 Hybrid. Lenovo

Lenovo has created a division to help it capitalize on the growing mobile and digital home sectors.

The company's new Mobile Internet and Digital Home Business Group will be in charge of developing smartphones and tablets. In addition, the group will focus some of its product development efforts on cloud computing, smart TV technology, and the digital home. Lenovo also said that the new division "will be responsible for developing services and applications that will fuel these next generation 'convergence' devices."

Although the business unit is new, Lenovo has already been competing in some of the areas the group will encompass. Last year, it launched its Android-based LePhone smartphone in China. At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, it showcased some of its efforts in the other areas, including its IdeaPad U1 Hybrid tablet and its LePad tablet.

Going forward, Lenovo plans to invest somewhat heavily in cloud computing and smart TV technology, though the company didn't say specifically what it has planned.

Lenovo said that Liu Jun, former president of the company's Product Group, will lead the new division. Peter Hortensius, the former head of Lenovo's Think Product Group, will lead the Product Group going forward.