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New Kodak camera boasts wireless e-mail

EasyShare-One is designed as much for swapping pictures as for snapping them.

Eastman Kodak on Wednesday unveiled a high-end digital camera that's designed as much for sharing pictures as for taking them.

The photo company's 4-megapixel EasyShare-One, which can e-mail pictures using Wi-Fi wireless technology, will be available later this year for about $600.

A wireless card supporting the 802.11b standard will cost another $100 and will be available in June. It works with Kodak's Printer Dock Plus.

In addition, the Wi-Fi card will allow the Printer Dock Plus to be used as a wireless picture printer for desktops and laptops.

Wi-Fi is the latest wireless feature added to the Printer Dock Plus, which already has built-in infrared support and an optional wireless universal service bus adapter for Bluetooth.

Kodak is trying to find new ways to reach customers as it moves away from its declining traditional photographic film business. The soaring popularity of digital cameras has prompted several market researchers to forecast that sales of the cameras will surpass $39 billion by 2009.

Kodak's Ofoto service for Internet photo printing will be accessible wirelessly from the new device, which was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Users can also view photos stored on Ofoto with the new camera.

The camera has a 3-inch touch-screen display and 256MB of memory built in. It can store up to 1,500 pictures, as well as record video.

Separately, T-Mobile USA said that EasyShare-One users will initially receive a free trial to T-Mobile's public Wi-Fi wireless access systems.

Reuters contributed to this report.