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New Kindle ad hints at death of paper book, makes reading look sexy

Amazon's latest Kindle ad, entitled "The book lives on," implies that the physical book is dead.

Back in the early days of the Kindle, Amazon's e-reader tended to appeal to a more mature audience for a variety of reasons. But as the Kindle's matured--and its price has dropped--Amazon's made a concerted effort to appeal to a more youthful demographic.

"The book lives on" is the title for its new ad and it features a bunch of good-looking, active young people and a Kindle that appears at times to be sort of a social lubricant, part Captain Morgan's, part Cialis.

Yes, there's the requisite jabs at the iPad (no glare, readable in direct sunlight, one-month of battery life, "lighter than a paperback"), which Amazon has done in the past. And the company's also featured plenty of young hipsters in previous ads. But what is new is that book-lives-on tagline at the end of the ad.

By saying that the physical book "lives on," Amazon is implying that it died at some point. That's not exactly true, of course, but the messaging seems pretty clear, and expect to see more of it going forward.

The fact is while Amazon continues to sell a lot of paper books, digital books don't take up any space in warehouses and are a whole lot cheaper to ship. Which business model seems more appealing to you?