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New Jersey governor to interview with Facebook's Sandberg

Monday sees an interview on Facebook live in which Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg will ask the New Jersey governor searing questions. Facebookers can ask him things too.

It is entirely commendable that Silicon Valley's largest brains take time out from deciding which shade the color of money should be in order to become talk show hosts.

We had already enjoyed Google's Marissa Mayer boring into Lady Gaga's darkest depths.

Now I am delirious to learn to Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg will be stepping into the limelight to interview another large brain, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

I am pulsatingly grateful to TechCrunch for revealing this news, on receipt of an e-mail from Christie's office.

CC Bob Jagendorf/Flickr

It is inevitable that many will wonder what topics might be broached during this chat, which is to take place Monday at Facebook's headquarters--in the Facebook Live studios, no less. (The mountain, you see, always comes to Mohammed.)

One's first speculation, naturally, is that they will discuss fiscal policy. Sandberg is a former Treasury Department chief of staff and Christie does like to sort out financial messes.

Perhaps they will, together, be able to find a compromise solution for the NBA lockout, in which oversized egos and bodies are fighting over the crumbs of millions.

I have just wafted over to the Facebook page announcing this chat and I see that the governor will be discussing many pressing issues--including how he uses Facebook to keep in touch with Snooki.

I have taken a small liberty with that last statement, but it is relatively pint-sized.

Also quite pint-sized is Christie's Facebook presence, where he only enjoys around 15,000 of those precious Likes. (George W. Bush bathes in more than 1.6 million.)

Facebookers themselves will be given the means to like Christie more. For they will also be able to ask questions. They have already started posting them on the event wall. All are extremely serious. (Might this page be strictly edited? Surely not.)

One poster demands to know that if Christie is truly conservative, why has he done nothing about Obamacare. (Dear poster, I have heard that the governor might also be quite partial to a little gun control, but please don't tell anyone.)

Some, though, will speculate whether both Sandberg and Christie have another motive entirely. The governor has already shown that he works well across the aisle with Cory Booker, the mayor of Newark, N.J.

If Sandberg and Christie can pull off a fine double act that gets folks talking, might they not make an intriguing dream pairing for 2016?

They might promise a government of national unity. They might offer no-nonsense solutions that are thrown out into the world to see how they work, taking Facebook's mantra of "Done is Better Than Perfect." They might allow everyone to vote via Facebook.

They might even represent a new third force: The Donkeyphants.

This could be big. This could be very big indeed.