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New iTunes update (6.0.5) adds Nike fitness elements

New iTunes update (6.0.5) adds Nike fitness elements

From the Software Update window: iTunes 6.0.5 allows all you runners to sync your Nike + iPod workout data--which your iPod collects wirelessly from your special shoes--to The site enables you to track speed, distance, and caloried burned, as well as set training goals, challenge others, and more.

Visit the Nike Sport Music area on the iTunes Music Store to download workout mixes, Athlete Inspiration playlists, and Nike podcasts, among other things. I predict the Rocky theme will be on one of those Athlete Inspiration playlists.

It looks like the $29 Nike + iPod Sport Kit is about to ship. Before you let your iPod start tracking your progress, you'll need compatible shoes. Neat tech, but not my cup of tea since I don't run.