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New iPods and iPhones show up in Apple's inventory

Ahead of its 4 October event, some new products have shown up in Apple's inventory -- namely new iPhones and iPods. Tuesday can't come soon enough.

If you can tear yourself away from all that Kindle news breaking on CNET UK, we've got some more Apple tidbits to tempt you with. What a busy time this is turning out to be.

A mysterious tipster named 'Mr. X' has given the nod to 9to5Mac that Apple has two updates to product lines in its internal inventory. Want to know what they are? Well, two new iPhones, and no fewer than three more iPod Touches. Tuesday can't come soon enough.

The iPhones are listed as N90A, and considering the iPhone 4 is codenamed by Apple as N90, it suggests they're tweaks to the existing model, rather than an entirely new iPhone 5. Which would be a bit of a shame, considering the groundswell of excitement in recent months concerning an iPhone 5. They could be 8GB models -- as Apple has been rumoured to be eyeing up a budget model iPhone for some time -- and the fact that there are two could mean a black and white version, though nothing is confirmed.

The iPods, meanwhile, are listed as N81A, and considering the Touch is in the inventory as N81, we can only take it to be new versions of the popular MP3 player. The A could indicate white versions, now Apple finally has that white faceplate for the iPhone 4 it'd make sense to push it out to other products too. The fact that there are three iPods hints that the storage sizes will stay the same -- 8, 32 and 64GB. But beware, Apple could be about to kill the Shuffle and Classic.

The event happens on Tuesday, where Apple wants to talk iPhone, according to the invite. The internet is rife with rumours of an iPhone 5 that'll be dual-core, with a bigger screen and better camera, as well as an iPhone 4S that'll be more wallet-friendly. Stay tuned and we'll bring you more as we get it.