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New iPhone software improves Safari stability

Apple has released iPhone OS 2.2.1, which is supposed to improve the stability of the iPhone's mobile browser and correct a problem with saving images from Mail.

The latest iPhone firmware update should be available Tuesday in iTunes. Tom Krazit/CNET News

Apple has released a minor iPhone firmware update that is supposed to help improve the stability of its Safari browser.

The update should be popping up Tuesday if you connect your iPhone to iTunes. Update 2.2.1 is the first tweak released since Apple added Google's Street View to the iPhone's software back in November with the 2.2 release.

Despite the brief list of new features and fixes, this update is just as big as that release, weighing in at 246.4MB. As a result, it's taking awhile to download and install. I'll let you know if I encounter any problems, and likewise, please let us know if you experience any issues downloading and installing the update.

Update 11:15am - iPod Touch owners had an additional fix as part of the update. Apple fixed an issue with Apple Lossless files that tended to skip during playback, according to The Unofficial Apple Weblog.