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New iPhone features, in a picture (yes, just the one)

This might be the best iPhone rumour image yet, mostly because it rounds up all the ones we want to see at next week's WWDC keynote

If you put 'having fun' as an interest on your Facebook profile, congratulations: you're an idiot, and probably excruciatingly boring. If by 'having fun' you actually meant 'reading iPhone rumours', however, today is going to be your day.

The awesome graphic above was knocked up by The Green Room blog (full res image over there, too). It admirably aggregates most of the rumours about the next iPhone, which we're expecting to be announced at next week's WWDC conference. Go ahead, look at it again, we'll wait.

Sorted? Excellent. Among the highlights are a front-facing camera (no chance, guys), video recording and editing features, a light-up Apple logo as used on the Macs, an OLED screen and Wi-Fi movie downloads.

We'll be all over WWDC like tabloids on a Susan Boyle story, so check back on the evening of Monday 8 June.