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New iPad sales hit 3 million in three days

Apple reckons it's flogged 3 million new iPads in the tablet's first few days being on sale.

Apple has flogged 3 million new iPads in the last three days, a figure the company reckons beats the previous two iterations of its glossy tablet.

The new iPad went on sale in the UK and other countries on Friday 16 March, and it would seem gadget enthusiasts are extremely eager to throw down cash to acquire one. Sales are likely to be boosted further later this week, as the new tablet becomes available in 24 more countries this Friday.

The new iPad's svelte frame plays host to a higher-resolution display, as well as a 5-megapixel camera and a new processor, dubbed the A5X chip. Do these three new bits of hardware make the new iPad worthy of your hard-fought moolah?

I've already stuck the new iPad under the CNET UK microscope, and I reckon it's the best tablet on sale right now. It's a modest upgrade though, with the new display, processor and camera proving welcome additions, but failing to really blow my socks off.

As such, anyone looking to buy an iPad would be wise to take a gander at the iPad 2, which is still on sale with a slashed starting price of £329. It's a tad lighter than the new model as well, which is a bonus if you prize portability.

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My intrepid colleague Andrew Hoyle was the first to buy the new iPad in the UK. Not from an Apple shop though -- PC World started selling the new tablet at midnight, with a thoroughly depressing launch event.

Are you one of the 3 million who've bought the new iPad? Or does the thought of 3 million Apple store tills ringing with cash make your blood run cold? Tell me in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.