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New iPad retina screen exposed in teardown

Apple's new iPad has been cracked open, revealing its silicon innards.

Apple's new iPad has been cracked open by the screwdriver-happy folks at ifixit, revealing the tablet's silicon-scented innards.

In essence, this is an opportunity for you to ogle the insides of Apple's newest toy without actually dismantling one yourself. There don't seem to be many surprises, though the site reckons the Retina display LCD panel on its model was made by Samsung.

The A5X processor is exposed, while the new iPad's logic board gets yanked out and photographed in exquisite detail. The display connector is a different type than the one you'll find on the earlier iPad 2, making the two displays incompatible.

The teardown appears to be ongoing, but already there are some shots of the iPad's enormous battery packs, which hopefully will give it battery life as robust as the last model's. I'd strongly recommend clicking this blue text to check out the dramatic disassembly for yourself.

Unusually for a brand new gadget, the new iPad is actually a bit thicker and heavier than its predecessor. In our hands-on we noted that it is noticeably thicker and heavier than the iPad 2, but it remains to be seen whether that extra heft is significantly damaging to the look and feel of the tablet.

It goes on sale here in the UK tomorrow, so check back for more news on launch day. In the meantime let me know whether you're keen on Apple's new toy, or whether you're on the verge of constructing an anti-iPad bunker, within which you will be protected from any mention of Apple's latest gadget. As always, the comments and the Facebook wall are the place to have your say.

Image credit: ifixit