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New iPad refresh tipped to get UK 4G and Lightning port

A revised 9.7-inch iPad that will work on EE's new 4G network is inbound, sources say -- but the iPad mini will be Wi-Fi only.

A new version of Apple's latest iPad with added 4G is coming to the UK, according to tipsters.

"Industry sources" speaking to the Guardian said Apple is plotting a 4G iPad that will be compatible with EE's next-gen mobile network, which is the first of its kind in the UK.

There's no word on whether such a revised device would be compatible with O2's and Vodafone's 4G networks, which are expected to launch in the spring. Those operators will dole out 4G on different spectrum bands, so not every 4G-capable device will work on every network.

The revised iPad is also tipped to feature the new, smaller Lightning connector port that's present on the iPhone 5, meaning existing chargers or docks won't work without a pricey adaptor.

Meanwhile, don't expect 4G or 3G kicks from Apple's rumoured iPad mini, as the miniature tablet is tipped to be a strictly Wi-Fi-only gadget. That could be a decision on Apple's part to keep costs down -- if a 7.8-inch iPad were to compete with Google's Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD, it would need to be pretty cheap, as those rival tablets cost just £160.

That teeny-tiny tablet is tipped to be revealed before the end of the month, with some rumours even pointing towards an Apple-flavoured event invite being released today. Last week the clearest leaked pictures yet gave us a glimpse of what the mooted tablet could look like.

The 'new iPad' caused consternation in the UK and elsewhere when it launched earlier this year, flaunting '4G' capabilities even in countries where it couldn't muster up those speedy data connections -- including Britain and Australia. An Australian consumer watchdog took Apple to court over its bogus speed claims, prompting the Californian tech giant to offer refunds.

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