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New iPad online orders now shipping in 1-2 weeks

Online availability for the new iPad has improved, with shipping estimates now sitting at a week or two.

Online availability for the new iPad has improved, with shipping estimates for the desirable new tablet now showing "1-2 weeks".

Recently, my indomitable colleague Andrew Hoyle reported that anyone ordering the new iPad from Apple's online shop could expect to wait up to three weeks for the glossy gadget to land on their doorstep.

But a sneaky peek at Apple's UK web shop reveals that delivery estimates have improved. Now expect to wait between one and two weeks for the new iPad, during which time you could read a book, organise your CDs or learn rudimentary Japanese. 

Every capacity option in both the Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 4G versions is showing the same dispatch estimate. Wi-Fi + 4G is a misleading title here in the UK, incidentally, as our networks don't offer 4G speeds, and even when they do, it won't be on the new iPad's frequency.

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So do the improving delivery estimates indicate that demand for Apple's new toy is cooling? Unlikely, as the Cupertino company recently revealed that it flogged a mammoth 3 million new iPads during the tablet's first three days on shelf. Yikes!

Sales will probably get another boost on Friday, when the new iPad is released in a further 24 countries.

The new iPad isn't a huge improvement over its predecessor, bringing tweaks such as a high-resolution display, a beefed-up camera and a processor with a touch more grunt. There's not much reason to upgrade if you own an iPad already, but this is still the best tablet on the market right now.

Will you be digging deep for a new iPad? Or would you rather eat £399 in pennies than give that amount to Apple? Sound off in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall.