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New iMac rumors growing, new iLife to come as well?

Momentum is starting to build behind the persistent rumors of new iMacs, and some think Apple will release an updated version of its iLife suite.

Looks like a new iMac could be arriving very soon. Apple

The back-to-school season is always one of Apple's most important quarters of the year. Buzz is building that the company won't let the season pass by without a new iMac.

The latest report, courtesy of Think Secret, claims that Apple has nailed down August 7 as the release date for new iMacs. It's probably about time; Apple hasn't released a new iMac in quite some time, and Intel released new chipsets in June.

AppleInsider has also pointed to late July/early August as the time frame for a new iMac launch, which would give Apple time to get those systems out in its stores so that a new crop of college students can update their Facebook profiles. The new iMacs are said to come in 20-inch and 24-inch varieties, with a new keyboard and the brushed aluminum exterior found on the Macbook Pro.

Think Secret is also claiming that an updated version of Apple's iLife suite of multimedia software could arrive around the same time. Apple hasn't released an update to the suite--which includes iPhoto, iDVD, and Garage Band--this year, but that could be blamed in part on the delayed release of Leopard.