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New HTC One 'Duo Camera' explained

A leak from an Australian carrier ad says that the handset will feature two cameras to enhance post-picture-taking editing.

What does HTC have planned for its next flagship phone? HTC

The successor to the HTC One is rumored to come with two cameras. Now, there might be some explanation on how those cameras will be put to use in the new phone.

The folks over at mobile-industry tracker GSM Arena discovered on Tuesday a leaked ad for the upcoming HTC One from Australian carrier Telstra. That ad shows the same handset featured in countless leaked images and reveals details on the device's "Duo Camera."

According to the ad, the Duo Camera uses the handset's two cameras to: "Create vivid images even in low light and professionally edit memories after you've taken the shot. Choose where to focus, highlight what you love, soften backgrounds and add 3D effects."

The feature follows what other major handset makers have delivered in their devices this year, including Samsung, Sony, and LG. Those companies' flagship handsets feature one camera that takes rapid shots. After the shots are taken, users can decide what parts should be blurred and what should be clear. They can also pick the version they like best. With two cameras on board, the HTC One could conceivably enhance those features, since it's using two cameras to snap photos rather than one.

The ad also highlights the new HTC One's BoomSound capability and a 5-inch full HD "scratch resistant" screen.

For its part, HTC hasn't confirmed any features in its upcoming HTC One, but the company plans to unveil the phone on March 25.

(Via 9to5 Google)