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New HP EliteBooks and ProBooks update their business attire

HP ProBook and EliteBook updates feature new processors and a sharp design makeover.

HP ProBook s-series takes a step closer to its Pavilion consumer cousins.
HP ProBook s-series takes a step closer to its Pavilion consumer cousins. HP

Business computers have long been an area where design has started to matter, and HP's newest line of business-oriented EliteBook p- and ProBook b- and s-series laptops do their best to provide some additional style to IT-friendly computers.

We've already considered their previous ProBook models to be attractive enough to draw attention away from the rest of the consumer-focused Pavilion lineup, but the new models bridge the gap even more in terms of design. They also incorporate Intel's new second-generation Sandy Bridge CPUs, as well as USB 3.0, upgraded sound options, and HD webcams.

The EliteBook p-series comes in both the 14-inch EliteBook 8460p and 15.6-inch EliteBook 8560p; new additions include USB 3.0, SRS Premium Surround speakers, and an optional ultracapacity notebook battery with a promised 32 hours of battery life. Its sleeker metal chassis isn't exactly svelte, but it's an eye-catching step up from EliteBooks past.

The ProBook p-series rides in the middle of the pack, in 13-, 14-, and 15-inch models: the HP ProBook 6360b, 6460b, and 6560b. A spill-resistant keyboard and HD DisplaySafe reinforced display panel are paired with a smudge-resistant bead-blasted aluminum cover/magnesium-reinforced ABS chassis. CPUs include the aforementioned Sandy Bridge processors, or Intel Celeron.

The HP ProBook s-series most closely resembles high-end metal-clad Pavilion consumer laptops. New models range in size from 12-inch to 17-inch screens: the 12.1-inch HP ProBook 4230s, 13.3-inch 4330s, the 14-inch 4430s, the 15.6-inch 4530s, and the 17.3-inch--you guessed it--4730s. Second-gen Intel Sandy Bridge processors are joined by a spill-resistant keyboard, improved microphones and SRS Premium Surround speakers, an HD Webcam, and optional Power Express Switchable Graphics, as well as a slightly reoriented fingerprint reader that's placed out of the way of accidental swipes.

Starting prices for each series are below. All lines will be available starting March 15. While we find ourselves gravitating to the ProBook s-series the most, perhaps your taste varies.

HP EliteBook 8460p: $999

HP EliteBook 8560p: $1,099

HP ProBook b-series: $799

HP ProBook s-series: $579