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New HP EliteBook tablet adds capacitive touch, new Intel processors

With ruggedized features and speedy specs, HP's thin metal convertible enters the tablet fray yet again.


Lest anyone be left out of the tablet/slate wave that's currently crashing over the laptop and ultraportable industry, HP has announced a new 12.1-inch EliteBook convertible tablet for the business-minded who feel the need for pens and capacitive multitouch displays at the same time.

Equipped with a stainless steel finish and magnesium casing, the EliteBook 2740p tablet PC will be available with either a Core i5 or Core i7 processor, a reinforced glass screen, and a touch interface that will also work with an included pen. The 2740p (and its non-tablet sibling, the 2540p below) also meet military standards for high temperatures, dust, vibration and altitude, like its tablet predecessor the 2730p. Built-in HP DriveGuard technology also builds some impact resistance into the design.

At a starting weight of 3.8 pounds, the 2740p comes with a choice of two batteries, both six-cells: one is lithium-ion prismatic with a longer runtime between charges, while the other is a "long-life" battery that should last longer before replacing, thus potentially being more ecological.

The 2740p can dock like other HP laptops--a separate expansion docking bay with optical drive, additional ports, and hard drive bays is available separately.

For the non-tablet-minded, the EliteBook 2540p has a similar look minus the swivel screen, available with either a standard-voltage Core i5 or i7 CPU and 7200rpm hard drive, or a low-voltage Core i7 processor with optional room for an internal optical drive or second hard drive. The 2540 comes with batteries ranging from 3 to 9 cells, and HP Mobile Broadband, using Gobi.

The 2740p tablet starts at $1599, while the EliteBook 2540p starts at $1099, with both being available starting next month.