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New Horizons space probe shares most detailed look at Pluto's surface yet

The extreme close-up mosaic includes all of the highest-resolution images the Pluto probe took on its July 2015 flyby.

You may never set foot on the dwarf planet in the far reaches of our solar system, but, thanks to the New Horizons space probe, we can get a pretty good gander at what it's like. At a resolution of about 80 metres (260 feet) per pixel, this newly released mosaic is the most detailed view of Pluto we've seen yet.

"This new image product is just magnetic," New Horizons principal investigator Alan Stern said in a statement. "It makes me want to go back on another mission to Pluto and get high-resolution images like these across the entire surface."

The image spans a strip 90 kilometres (55 miles) wide, taken in a long sweep across the hemisphere facing New Horizons as it made its July 2015 flyby. The mosaic captures a wide variety of Pluto's terrain, from rocky mountains to flat ice plains.