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New holes in Net services

Confidential AOL account information is hacked and circulated, following the discovery of security breaches at Hotmail and Excite.

Although America Online is taking a hard line against hackers, the largest online service continues to be subject to security breaches--the latest example being the compromised account information for its community leaders. In addition, free email providers may be helping their spammer nemeses cull data about users.

AOL volunteer list hacked
update A database with account information about America Online community leaders is breached and the data is circulated via email.

Hotmail, Excite have privacy hole
The firms' free email services are unwittingly revealing users' account names to other Web sites--giving spammers precious private data.

AOL hacker pleads guilty
A juvenile pleads guilty to stealing more than 500 passwords America Online users had entered into their computers, federal prosecutors say.

Firms war malicious code
Net security companies are forming the Malicious Mobile Code Consortium to market software to guard against malicious applets and components.