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New HD DVD players on the way?

According to the early Amazon product pages, we can expect to see three new HD DVD players on October 1: the Toshiba HD-A3, Toshiba HD-A30, and Toshiba HD-A35.

Will the HD-A2 be replaced in October? CNET

Toshiba hasn't made any official announcements, but some early Amazon product pages seem to indicate there will be three new HD DVD players released on October 1: Toshiba HD-A3, Toshiba HD-A30, and Toshiba HD-A35. From the admittedly limited details available on the Amazon pages, there doesn't seem to be any big shakeups to Toshiba's HD DVD line--there are three models, with the entry-level model lacking 1080p output. Interestingly, there's no HD-XA3, which would be the logical successor to the current HD-XA2, so perhaps Toshiba has ditched that naming scheme or maybe there's an additional flagship model. We're also a little surprised by the HD-A3's pricing, as we were hoping to see HD DVD player prices drop even further to undercut rival Blu-ray players. We'll almost certainly get more details about these players at CEDIA next month, so check back for more information.

Amazon links:
Toshiba HD-A3 ($299)
Toshiba HD-A30 ($399)
Toshiba HD-A35 ($499)

Sources: Format War Central via Engadget