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New GroupMe Android app can now send GIFs to your friends

Group messaging app GroupMe gets a major overhaul for Android, adding one-on-one messages, gifs, and more


On Tuesday, Microsoft-owned GroupMe introduced version 5.0 of its social messaging app fro Android. The update brings a new design, one-on-one private messaging, and the ability to send GIFs to your friends.

In a GIF-heavy blog post, GroupMe gives a full run-down of the new features in version 5.0, including that the app now helps you search for a GIF to send your friends. You can also add memes to the images you send, which means you can add funny or pithy text around them. The update also includes six new packs of emoji, or tiny pictures you can use to communicate.

Though GroupMe was originally designed as a place to chat with multiple friends at once, but the app can now also send direct messages, which let you chat privately with only one of your contacts. The aim here is for GroupMe to be your one-stop shop for communicating with your friends, replacing apps like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp .

GroupMe version 5.0 is available today in the Google Play store.