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New 'Grand Theft' game to hit streets

Take Two Interactive gave few details on its newest "Grand Theft Auto" video game, but said the vibe of the story's setting would be "glamour, power and corruption."

Take Two Interactive Software on Tuesday announced a new version of its controversial "Grand Theft Auto" video game, this one set in "Vice City."

The company would only say that "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" is set in the 1980s, and that Vice City is where "the vibe is glamour, power and corruption."

The game, which will be available exclusively on PlayStation 2, is expected to hit retail shelves Oct. 22, the company said.

The previous version, "Grand Theft Auto 3," depicts players stealing and wrecking cars, committing contract killings, and carrying out other crimes. The game's subject matter has added fuel to the fire of those who have put video games under increased scrutiny. In fact, a bill pending in Congress would make it illegal to sell or rent such games to minors.

Nevertheless, these types of games have proven extremely popular with players. "Grand Theft Auto 3" was the top-selling video game in 2001, according to researcher NPD Group. It is one of the reasons that Sony's PlayStation 2 console has been such a hot seller.

Take Two said the game, which has sold more than 11 million copies, was the fastest-selling, highest-grossing title for the PlayStation 2.