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New Google Wi-Fi router may share stage with Pixel phone Oct. 4

Called Google Wifi, the device is expected to cost $129, according to a new report.


Google took the wraps off the OnHub router last year, but it came with a $200 price tag at launch.

Josh Miller/CNET

Sure, people eagerly await the latest rumors about coming smartphones, but rumors about unsexy home routers? Forget about it.

Still, there may be a new home router sharing the stage October 4 with Google's rumored new flagship phone, the Pixel. The company, which announced the event Monday, is also expected to offer more details about a smart speaker called Google Home, a rival to Amazon's Echo.

Now comes news from Android Police that the company will unveil Google Wifi, a home router for $129 that has "smart" features. An unnamed source told the site the router will be similar in size to the Echo Dot, the smaller version of the voice-enabled Echo speaker.

Last year, Google unveiled the OnHub router, emphasizing its easy setup. But at launch, it came with a $200 price tag and without some of its most promising features activated.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.