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New Google Maps tweak gives you more results

Google Maps search results now show you more than they used to, information that might boost clicks on businesses that aren't on the top of Google's list.

On Tuesday Google Maps got a small tweak that's been long overdue. Now, instead of just showing you the top 10 results of a local search on the map, it shows all of them. It still places the little map markers that match up with the top 10results, but now you can see other places that may be closer.

I can see this being most helpful if it trickles down to mobile devices, where you may be searching for something that's within walking distance. In my case, when searching for a nearby camera store I got three or four results I wouldn't have otherwise seen since they were not in the top results. Location-friendly service Yelp has offered something similar to this for quite some time now; Google, however has not been quite as innovative with its own tools.

Google says this feature will make its way out to other domains that use Google's maps. For now, the only way to see the additional results is from the Google Maps search page.

Previously you wouldn't see results outside of the top 10 provided by Google. The new tweak shows you places which may not have as much relevance, but are closer. CNET Networks