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New Google Doodle: Mystery of search giant's bouncing balls

Google has changed its logo on localised versions of its home page, including that of the UK, into a flurry of coloured balls. But why?

The denizens of the Web are abuzz, speculating feverishly as to why Google has developed a new interactive logo on its search page that allows you to move a bunch of coloured balls around.

When you manoeuvre your mouse cursor around the logo, the balls move and spin around the page. Shake your mouse around and the logo goes a little crazy. When you don't move your mouse, the logo returns to normal.

Usually, Google changes its logo for a reason. For example, earlier this month, Google changed it to celebrate the discovery of the buckyball 25 years ago. One of the most celebrated Doodles saw Google change its logo into a playable game of Pac-Man, enabling a good few minutes of escapism from thoroughly tedious office tasks.

Softpedia has suggested that Google could be celebrating its birthday, although it was actually incorporated on 4 September. Softpedia also offers some theories about how Google's balls are generated. It's been reported that the logo could use HTML5, but, as some browsers can't run that, this is unlikely.

We're just as confused as you are. Have you got any more explanations regarding Google's interactive balls? Let us know in the comments section below.