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New Google ad shows Chrome's lovely tentacles

Google is running a billboard ad in the UK that inadvertently (or perhaps not) trumpets just how much information the company collects on you.

What I love about Google is that the company is so good at thinking of everything, while avoiding unintended consequences.

Google Search is about getting the right answer and only the right answer. Google's Nexus One is about having a perfect smartphone without offending anyone too much.

So I am grateful to the UK blogger Floyd Hayes who unearthed this ad for Google's Chrome browser on the Metro rail system in Newcastle.

Floyd Hayes

Now I know there will be some of you who might be concerned that this ad suggests that Google holds more information about you than any lover, any government organization, any educational establishment, and even any hairdresser. You might fear, in addition, that the company might hold this information far longer than any of the above mentioned.

But I ask you to consider the moral and emotional truth.

You can trust Google. Its CEO has happily declared that if you haven't done anything that we all shouldn't know about, then you have nothing to fear. The company is openly standing up to difficult opponents like China and Apple. And Google is safe, secure, and entirely resistant to hacking or other malfeasance.

What more proof do you need that, in a world in which businessmen lie almost as much as sportsmen who lie almost as much as politicians, there is at least one brand you can trust with, well, everything?