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New Glass trailer reveals James McAvoy's terrifying The Beast

He is something else.

M. Night Shyamalan's attempt at a shared universe looks… like it can work?

A new trailer for Glass combines the main characters from Unbreakable and Split in Shyamalan's latest, which sees Samuel L. Jackson as Mr. Glass, an evil mastermind who wants to use James McAvoy's awesomely-named Kevin Wendell Crumb and his terrifyingly powerful split-personality The Beast. Bruce Willis' more heroic David Dunn is also there -- there being a mental health facility where Sarah Paulson's Dr. Ellie Staple treats patients who suffer from delusions they're superheroes.

Anya Taylor-Joy's Casey Cooke is also making a return for the new film, after escaping The Beast in Split. The new trailer gives several glimpses of Crumb's different personalities, of which there are 23 (not including The Beast), McAvoy in ever-impressive form.

Glass is coming to cinemas Jan. 18 in the US and UK, and Jan. 17 in Australia.