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Funko toys reveal villains in new 'Ghostbusters'

Who ya gonna call when poltergeists get out of hand? Collect these toy versions of paranormal pros Abby Yates, Erin Gilbert, Jillian Holtzmann and Patty Tolan, as well as spooky new ghosts, from Funko.

Which "Ghostbusters" Pop Vinyl toy is your favorite?


As we already gleaned from the "Ghostbusters" movie trailer, each new member of the team has her own specialty.

Kate McKinnon plays the "brilliant engineer" Jillian Holtzmann. Kristen Wiig is the quantum physics genius Erin Gilbert.

Leslie Jones is Patty Tolan, the street-savvy New York expert who also owns the hearse they transform into their legendary ghostbusting vehicle, Ecto-1. Melissa McCarthy as Abby Yates is the one who keeps the group together and motivates them to fight spirits.

Now, thanks to Funko, we'll be able to act out our favorite scenes from the new "Ghostbusters" movie, directed by Paul Feig.

Even "Ghostbusters" receptionist Kevin, played by Chris Hemsworth, gets his own Funko figure.

But perhaps even more intriguing is that we finally get a closer look at the two new ghost characters in the upcoming "Ghostbusters" movie. Rowan's Ghost, according to Wikipedia, is a mysterious powerful demon who can possess humans.

There's also a very spooky ghost named Gertrude Eldridge. Could this be the same scary specter that vomits green ectoplasm onto the unsuspecting Kristen Wiig in the "Ghostbusters" trailer? We'll just have to wait until June, when "Ghostbusters" opens internationally in theaters.