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Wearable Tech

Garmin's new Forerunner 935 watch features battery bump

The latest fitness tracker from Garmin caters to the dedicated triathlete, with increased battery life and an altimeter.

The Forerunner 935

Hard-core triathletes with an eye for gadgets may want to run, swim and cycle over to Garmin's website to check out the firm's latest fitness-tracking watch.

Released Wednesday, the Forerunner 935 succeeds the Forerunner 735XT, a device CNET reviewer Dan Graziano judged "exceptional" for serious triathletes.

Both gadgets have GPS for tracking a variety of sports and an optical heart-rate sensor, but the new 935 seems to address a couple of the main concerns Graziano had about its predecessor.

The 935 has an altimeter to measure ascent and descent, and it's got better battery life: up to 24 hours in GPS mode, Garmin says, as opposed to the 735XT's 14 hours. That bump will let you rely on the battery "even in the middle of an iron-distance triathlon or ultramarathon," according to Garmin.

The price gets a bump too, though. The 735XT cost $450. The new 935 goes for $500.

If you're a more casual runner, take a look at the Forerunner 235.