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New features make Google Now on Tap more precise

You now can use Google's personal assistant feature to search for more information using images and single words.

Taylor Martin/CNET

Ever since Google introduced Now on Tap as part of the Android Marshmallow update last year, we've been hoping for more suggestions as you work in other apps. We got a little of that yesterday when Google added text and image search to its personal assistant feature.

With text, users can select specific words or phrases to get a definition and links to relevant apps. For now, only English is supported, but more languages are coming soon.

The new image features come in two forms, the first being a reverse search. Tap an unfamiliar photo either in your Photos folder or another app to surface a card with information such as the location. When using your phone's camera, you'll also be able to get information and app suggestions for famous landmarks or movie posters.

This article also appears in Spanish. Read: Google Now on Tap agrega funciones y es ahora más preciso