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New England Patriots ring up plenty of Super Bowl 2017 memes

From Bill Belichick's famed sweatshirt to those four sparkly rings, the Super Bowl favorite is all over social media.

Super Bowls aren't even novel anymore to New England Patriots fans.

Sunday's big game against the Atlanta Falcons marks a record-setting ninth appearance for the team. Seven of those are in the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era.

Familiar territory

On social media, Patriots-themed hashtags like #OneMore and #DriveFor5 (Super Bowl wins) remind fans that the Pats have been here a few times before -- and they have the rings to prove it.

Sweating it out

Patriots coach Bill Belichick's infamous hooded sweatshirt took on a life of its own.

Art of the game

Cities love to taunt each other leading up to a Super Bowl match. Boston's Museum of Fine Arts got into the act, taking on Atlanta's High Museum of Art.

Atlanta's museum is hoping the city's warmer weather isn't its only consolation come Sunday night.

Because it's already dreaming of adding a matching trophy to the museum's collection.

Letting the air out

New England's famed "Deflategate" scandal, where Brady was suspended for four games after using underinflated footballs, is still an issue for many.

But we're not really sure the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper needed an article on explaining the controversy to your kids.

And New England fans pointed out the Falcons had a scandal of their own.

In any event, when you're this good for this many years, there's going to be a backlash. Sunday will tell all.

It's just a shame it won't be cold in Houston on Sunday so Brady could once again haul out his gigantic coat.

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