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New emoji are on the way, including airline pilot and rainbow flag

The list of hugely popular little drawings on your phone are going to expand again, making your life a little more colorful, one message at a time.

So many emoji, so little time.


Have you ever had that really important thing you needed to say, but just couldn't find the right emoji with which to say it?

Emjoi 4.0 may finally offer an answer. It's the latest update for these popular little drawings, which is being planned for release after a review later this year, and it promises to include new professions, flags and functionality to help us all communicate in that slightly more artistic way.

Emoji of course feel like they've taken over the world. The tiny drawings, whose name comes from combining the Japanese terms for picture and character, have become a frequent tool of communication in the modern age. They've invaded all manner of our lives from text messages to Facebook communications to analysis of the State of the Union address by the President of the United States.

Among the changes being considered by the Unicode consortium, which helps streamline and coordinate the emjoi on all our devices, are male and female versions of all people, be they an airplane pilot, astronaut or police officer. The organization is also supporting new skin tones.

There will also be new professional emoji, ranging from mechanic to scientist to farmer. Handsome tech journalist is once again glaringly absent.

And the consortium has agreed to add new flags, such as the rainbow pride flag typically associated with the LGBT rights movement, and a flag for the UN.

If you're curious what they look like, Apple already offers some of them in its newest software, iOS 10, which will be released for free to iPhone and iPad owners in the fall. You can even sign up to download a pre-release copy to your device.