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A new Elvis Presley documentary lands on HBO Now

The King of Rock & Roll is the subject of a three-hour, two-part film.


Kids, consult your local library or Wikipedia to learn more about Elvis and rock and roll.  


Welcome back to your guide to finding out what's new online. Every week, we put together a podcast that lets you know what's been added to services like Netflix, Hulu and (sometimes) Amazon Prime. The audio is about a minute or two long.

HBO usually has great documentaries, so I'm very curious about the new film on Elvis Presley. The filmmakers say they wanted to show a story centered around Elvis the man and the artist, not the bigger than life character. It avoids using on-camera interviews, but you'll hear from Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen. 

Since you're reading this, let's give you some extra information not found in the podcast: Netflix announced it will have a new special looking at SCTV. Stars of the show like Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Martin Short will be a part of the special which is directed by Martin Scorsese. You read that right: Martin Scorsese. 

Want to know what else is new? Listen to this guy:

Elvis, Andre the Giant and the Robinsons are here for your weekend

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