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New Dremel might lead to obsessive tooling

For the PC modder or any precision tool enthusiast, Dremel last week released its new Stylus, which despite a strong resemblance to a dentist's drill, is good for grinding, polishing, sanding or buffing all sorts of intricate projects.

Credit: Dremel

The company says the cordless "ergonomic" rotary tool, which retails at $69.99, will hold its charge for up to two years in storage. It's intended to be held like a pencil, but can be held in several different positions.

But one Digg commenter warns of obsessive-compulsive Dremeling: "Your first week or two is spent looking at everything around the house and thinking, 'can I drill/cut/grind that?' This one being cordless is even more dangerous, you can carry it around with you!"